Tools of the Trade

as architects we draw on a variety of resaources to ensure our work is accurate and up to date. here are some useful links to our favourite resources that you may find useful:

Architect's Register

all architects in the uk are registered with the arb. you can check the list to find out who is an architect. If they are not on the list, they are not an architect.


all architects in the uk are registered with the arb. here you can search the register to find out about architects.


the royal institute of british architects promotes excellence in architecture. here you can view some beautiful images of buildings.

RIBA Work Stages

the typical work stages involved in a construction project. we have gone into more detail on this in our own infographic.

Permitted Development

the government allows certain modifications to buildings without the need to get planning permission. here you can find out more.

Local Authority Finder

here you can check which authority covers your address.

Building Regulations

all the UK building regulations can be downloaded electronically free of charge. happy reading!

English Heritage

The English Heritage cares for historic buildings, monuments and sites.

Historic England

The National Heritage List for England (NHLE) is the only official and up-to-date database of all nationally designated heritage assets. If you have a Listed building, this is the list where you can find out more about it.

Lifetime Homes

The Lifetime Homes standard is a set of 16 design criteria that provide a model for building accessible and adaptable homes.

Robust Details

A Robust Detail is a separating wall or floor which has been assessed and approved by Robust Details Limited.

If any of this is making you go cross-eyed, we'll happily talk you through the intracies of a construction project. Contact us for a chat, or to arrange a meeting with one of our architects. Although this can look daunting, we can explain the process and help you manage your project so that every stage is well considered.