The Colony Family

we are a multidisciplinary group of designers and construction professionals who enjoy doing great work together. because colony architects is a collaborative, we have a broad network of members, however the main participants are:


brings a playful approach to design, converting technical constraint into creative opportunity. he has excellent technical understanding of the methods of building delivery, and his address book is overflowing. if you need to network, ask Ed!


combines his methodological approach with a delight in everyday life to create functional, enjoyable spaces. he knows how to organise large projects, and loves to make things by hand. if we were a boyband, he'd be the hippy one.


is a technical wizard. he knows how to drive a scheme through the complexities of building regulations, whilst all the time keeping you warm and dry. rigourous, complex and detailed drawings are his thing.


has excellent knowlege of the planning system and has an interest in working at the start of projects. he is able to steer our designs to maximise the development value, and knows how far we can push the boundaries.


is all about colour. she makes our work look even better, with her excellent graphics skills and good eye for a layout. her other eye is good for branding, and she is able to assist with brand identity and marketing strategies for sales developments.

Chris K

loves to present our work clearly and with style. he is a 3D modelling expert - using Sketchup, AutoCAD and Photoshop, Chris can show a project with flair and accuracy, helping clients, planners and builders understand it.


is our surveyor. by working with us he delivers work specialised for our needs. Inside, outside, plans, elevations or volumes, topographical or covered in nettles, Nick knows how to measure it accurately.


Olu is our proper CAD monkey. Not quite fully-fledged BIMpanzee, but definitely aspiring starchitect. He does a mean Rick & Morty sketch, too.


is our certified tree-hugger. his studies at CAT have provided excellent technical support for his enthusiasm for low energy architecture. if you want eco, sion will deliver it. if you don't, he'll probably slip it in anyway.

Chris B

is always calm, enabling him to deliver the finest technical work. he is also an extraordinary artist, designing with skilled use of texture and tone. don't be fooled though, he could also chop you in two with his bare hands.


wipes our noses and looks after everyone. she also runs our offices, and tells us off for taking too long for lunch. we have an excellent accounts system in place, to sue's credit.

if your project requires specialist input, we have a handy list of friendly consultants that we use. These include Arboroculturalists, Building Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Quatity Surveyors, CDM Consultants, Contractors, and a violinist called Jonty.