Always Leave Room for Dreaming

We're actually off dreaming at the moment, but will post some of our own ideas soon. In the mean time enjoy this fantastic space for daydreaming in a town hall.

  • notice the way it is gently set back from the corridor space like an eddy in a stream.
  • and the way the materials are a tactile and friendly, human scale. Or the way the bricks are treated differently to illustrate their various functions.
  • out the window is a lovely courtyard, with reflecting pool. The sun lights the space beyond and rewards the dreamer for finding a good seat.
  • and the brick seat sits neatly over a hot water pipe, itself acting as a giant radiator.
  • there is room for your bag, to prevent those dream-walkers from tripping past.
  • perfect for catching that delightful five-minute meander through your thoughts before a meeting or exhibition

Always Leave Room for Dreaming (architect: Alvar Aalto 1949)